542 Final Reflections

Before this class, I knew very little about project based learning. I always thought of PBL as more of a math, science, or CTE experience; however, this course has shown me how I can integrate PBL in the high school English Language Arts classroom.

The thing I understand most about project based learning is the idea of the driving question and creativity.  I suppose it comes down to the purpose of the PBL experience.  I understand the importance of giving students a voice when it comes to their learning.  Also, PBL equips students with skills that will be useful to them in the future.  I understand how the driving question drives all of this to be possible.

The thing that I still struggle with is how to incorporate project based learning while not losing a lot of instructional time.  I am okay with losing a few activities to make way for a PBL experience; however, I do not just have endless time to dedicate to the process.  That seems to be what I understand least about project based learning.  How am I supposed to balance the curriculum with an experience like this?

In this course, I expected to learn what project learning is and how to incorporate it in my classroom.  I wanted to make sure that any PBL incorporated in the classroom would be meaningful to my students and their community. I learned a lot about PBL and the importance of integrating it in the classroom.  I enjoyed perusing the BIE site and exploring the available resources.  I learned a lot that I feel I did not get to fully integrate in my current PBL because of time constraints. (The seven week course goes so fast!)  I am eager to update this PBL and attempt to create a few more (without going overboard!) that I can use at various times during the year.  Also, I learned that a lot of research must go into a PBL.  I tend to spend a lot of time researching, but this took that research time to a much higher level.  I am still trying to process all that I learned during this course.  I feel that I learned more than I thought because I took the time to thoroughly read the resources and peruse the various websites.

My goal is to implement the PBL experience in my classroom during the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. I can use the rest of the summer (now that the course is about over) to tweak the existing product.  Also, I had another PBL idea that I did not have time to thoroughly research during this course.  I would like to take what I learned and create another PBL that I could use in the school year.  Additionally, I would like to share what I have learning with my colleagues in order to illustrate the benefits (and importance!) of PBL in the classroom


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