Debrief the PBL

Often times when a unit comes to an end, it is never heard from again.  Everything I teach in my classroom is tied together thematically.  Additionally, the literary elements bring all of the stories back together.  With a PBL, it would feel like it is over when it’s over; however, that is not how it works.  Because all of the works are thematically linked, it will be possible to bring the PBL experience up throughout the year.  Additionally, as each Humanities course builds upon the course before it, the sophomore teachers could also build upon the experience.  This would bring in vertical articulation to the PBL experience even though it is done.  Project based learning is not just a one time assessment.  It is an ongoing learning experience that encourages life long learning.  The skills utilized during a PBL will assist the student for the rest of his or her life.

At the end of the presentation, it is important to debrief the experience as a whole.  Having the students blog, take surveys, participate in class discussions, etc are all great ways for students to continue the experience even when it is over.  Within the course, it would be nice for my students to follow up with the first and second grade students with whom they worked during the presentation.  Follow up is always a great way to reinforce the numerous lessons learned throughout the process.

Students will continue to blog and respond to blog posts.  Additionally, I would encourage administration to review the blogs in order to show the importance and relevance of project based learning.  Perhaps seeing the long term learning that exists within a PBL will encourage administration and other teachers to be supporting of PBL and all that it entails.



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