Effective PBL Assessments

I have created a number of formative and summative assessments for this PBL experience. The assessments are effective in that students have choice.  For the final product, the students have complete control over how they present their final product.  It was a lot of fun brainstorming different ways the students could present the material.  It did make it a little difficult to create one overall rubric, but I figured out a way to create the rubrics so they were meaningful for each product.  Additionally, even in the essay, the students have a choice, although limited, over what they write.  They can pick which prompt and which characters they examine in the essay. Also, the assessments are well balanced as both formative and summative assessments are given.

Teaching style will need to be adjusted during the PBL experience.  Students must be given a choice to be active participants in the evaluation process.  They have to evaluate both themselves and other group members.  Teachers must be comfortable not only allowing students the opportunity to lead but also fail.


All of the assessments can be found by clicking here.


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