Cross Content PBL

The first option for the blog this week revolves around cross content PBL.  There are many benefits to creating a cross content PBL.  The students are able to see the teachers modeling effective collaboration.  Additionally, students will have more time to work on their PBL.  The students can receive feedback from two different teachers which will help them receive the best overall feedback.

The biggest challenges would be time and resources. Teachers at the high school level do not share the same students.  We do not have a team approach like the middle schools, so it would be a large challenge to create a true cross content PBL.  Additionally, the teachers would need adequate planning time.  This would require subs for during the day or paid time after school.

It would take a lot of hard work and administrative commitment to make this a possibility at the high school level.  The administration would need to strongly support the project.  Financial support would need to be available for materials, planning time, resources, etc.  Also, the administration would need to figure out a way to schedule students with the same two teachers.  That is a nearly impossible task.  The other option would be for the students that do not share the teachers to still be included in the project.  Students would have to work with their groups when they could.

In closing, it is possible to create a cross content PBL.  While it would take a lot of planning on the part of the teachers and administration, it would be of great benefit to the students.


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