Vlog Entry

For this entry, I interviewed five teachers that I teach with at the high school.  The teachers graciously agreed to be interviewed for this project.  Here are their views on integrating technology in the curriculum.


2 thoughts on “Vlog Entry

  1. I found myself interested in the first teacher’s comments about the common use of video as a filler and how he rarely uses them. He then stated that he never shows a video for an entire period without jumping up and pausing it every 5 or 6 minutes. Dr. Renee Hobbs states this almost verbatim in an article she wrote in 2006, which even though “old” in technology years, is still quite relevant. She argues that this mimics the passive way we watch video at home rather than using it as a learning experience. She also mentions teachers using it as a break or multitasking during the video. I found the article and its similarity to your interviews interesting and noted that many of her findings are still true today.

    Hobbs, R. (2006). Non‐optimal uses of video in the classroom. Learning, Media and Technology, 31(1), 35-50. doi: 10.1080/17439880500515457

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