School Evaluation Summary

Before this course, I did not realize that my district had a technology use plan.  While completing the Maturity Model Benchmark, I was shocked to find that my district is at the island stage.  I thought we would be at the integrated stage, but, alas, we were not.  Upon completion of the audit, I feel that the way to fix many of the curricular weaknesses would be to implement a TOSA (teacher on special assignment) position at Bayside High.  This would encourage teachers to implement new technologies knowing that they have the assistance/guidance of an expert.

This audit really illustrated the strengths and weaknesses of Bayside High in respect to technology.  It is my hope that by exploring the weaknesses that Bayside High can implement changes to help boost morale and teacher perspective on the integration of technology.

This assignment has been one of my favorites from this semester.  It opened my eyes about many of the areas of improvement necessary for the district to succeed with its 1-1 technology implementation.

Click here to access my Evaluation Summary

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