School Evaluation Summary

Before this course, I did not realize that my district had a technology use plan.  While completing the Maturity Model Benchmark, I was shocked to find that my district is at the island stage.  I thought we would be at the integrated stage, but, alas, we were not.  Upon completion of the audit, I feel that the way to fix many of the curricular weaknesses would be to implement a TOSA (teacher on special assignment) position at Bayside High.  This would encourage teachers to implement new technologies knowing that they have the assistance/guidance of an expert.

This audit really illustrated the strengths and weaknesses of Bayside High in respect to technology.  It is my hope that by exploring the weaknesses that Bayside High can implement changes to help boost morale and teacher perspective on the integration of technology.

This assignment has been one of my favorites from this semester.  It opened my eyes about many of the areas of improvement necessary for the district to succeed with its 1-1 technology implementation.

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EdTech Trends

I recently read and reviewed the The Horizon Report for my EdTech 501 class.  This is a report that I had yet to read, but I will add it to my list of resources from now on.  This publication consisted of a plethora of ideas on how to integrate technology in the classroom ranging from the immediate to the long term.  It also contained articles on policy and leadership in respect to technology integration.  I flagged many of the articles to share with my colleagues about integration of technology and suggested administrative support.

The one section that stood out to me the most dealt with gaming in the classroom.  I have never been one to play video games, but the majority of my students spend a lot of their time doing just that.  I wanted to find something that I could bring in the classroom that would make the students a little more engaged in the learning process.  The tool that I found was Kinect for Education.  I became intrigued by the idea of learning through motion.  It makes sense.  I teach Romeo and Juliet through motion, so why wouldn’t I incorporate motion for other activities?

The issue I am having with this artifact is that, as is mentioned in the report, it is a new trend.  Not a lot of information exists on the use of Kinect in the classroom.  With that being said, I am excited to (if I get the grant I wrote at the end of last week) receive a Kinect and begin creating apps.  Kinect for Education has a program that the teacher can use to create specific, targeted apps for an assignment. The more teachers begin using this technology, the more artifacts will be created.  I decided to go with a lesson plan detailing a resource that I would use that I found online.  This could lead to another trend that I liked from the article-a bring your open resources party.

I’m interested to see how other people feel about integrating gaming in the classroom.  I used to be opposed to such a thing, but, after researching the topic, I am confident in saying I have changed my mind.  I look forward to piloting this technology if I receive the grant.

Tech Trends Lesson Plan-Kinect for Education