EdTech Research

Having never done an APA annotated bibliography before, I found it to be quite a challenge; however, it was a challenge that I truly enjoyed.  I created an annotated bibliography of resources for teacher apprehensive about integrating technology in the classroom.  As someone who hopes to become an instructional technology coach at some point in the near future, I thought it would be helpful to create a list of resources for teachers struggling with the idea of integrating technology in the classroom.  By giving teachers this document, I feel they can glean the information from the article without necessarily reading the entire article.  Also, if the article sounds like it would be interesting, the teacher would have the necessary information to find and read the article.

In respect to the research, I enjoyed having time to read again.  I feel I never get to research anymore, which is not how it should be.  I do not want to be the teacher who uses the same materials for twenty years.  There were some frustrating points in the research.  There were times I could not retrieve the full text of an article or the doi once I found the full text.  Eventually I put the link on the citation after shortening it using bitly.

I am excited to share this bibliography with some of my fellow teachers to encourage incorporating technology in the classroom.  I feel that I learned a lot about successfully integrating technology in the classroom.  This research has given me new life to try and bring in more technology than I already do.  Additionally, I plan to share some of my findings with the administration to make sure that we can all be on the same page in respect to the support the technology requires.

Annotated Bibliography


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