Plain 502 Page

There are two songs that I sing while I work on coding for class.  “Dream Weaver” and my version of “Learning to Fly” entitled “Learning to Code” have been heard throughout the house.  My husband and children are all saints for listening to me butcher these songs.

I have never attempted coding before EdTech502.  Coding is forcing me to use a very different part of my brain.  This can be very difficult for a perfectionistic English teacher.  I found working with Adobe Dreamweaver CC to be a matter of trial and error.  I know this may sound ridiculous, but I have truly enjoyed learning from my mistakes.  While coding my Plain502 page, I learned the importance of patience.  I found that the coding came more easily when I exhibited more patience.  I have since finished my 502 page, and I am looking forward to sharing that with you soon.  Additionally, the Netiquette page is well under way, and it is looking good!  I am excited to share the next few projects with you shortly.


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